Alexandre Kasproviez is a French Artist born in 1995.

The painter spent his childhood in Reunion Island and later in the South-West of France. He lived and studied in Paris then Hong-Kong before settling between Paris and Madrid. Under the diverse influence of a slow life by the ocean and a vibrant urban lifestyle: his work offers an intimate and effervescent visual adventure based on his direct experiences and memories. Alexandre’s paintings depict mainly imaginary or anonymous male figures and landscapes with an exquisite ambiguous intimacy.

First, building up with layers of oil paint, blocking out the composition by covering large sections with color, Kasproviez then carefully removes, blurs, erases, adds and degrades the still wet oil paint. With this complex process, repeating vertical and horizontal transparent brushstrokes, he absorbs with fluidity the subject further away in the canvas. By challenging the usual distance between what is depicted and the viewer, he is giving a protection, an intimate filter to his figures. The monochromatic and large-scale paintings feature portraits looking directly at the viewer or in opposition with eyes closed; mysteriously meditative. Kasproviez’s brushstrokes reveal the subtractive painting process, suggesting a feeling of vulnerability & closeness.

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